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1) On your turn, take any 3 actions

DRAW a new supply card,
or GIVE a card in your hand to another player,
or CATCH a Ghost with the cards you have.
You can do these in any combination; Like draw 3 cards; Or Draw a card, give a card, and Catch a Ghost.

2) Age the Ghosts you haven't caught yet

Age the Ghosts you're fighting by rotating them clockwise.
If they get old enough, they escape!

3) Draw a new Ghost!

End your turn by drawing a new Ghost. Watch out, because you can end up trying to catch more than one!

4) Keep going!

Now it's the next player's turn. Continue taking turns until all ghosts are either caught, or have escaped. Then count your points and collect your pay-day!

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How many Ghost cards can you play with?

You can use any number of Ghost cards in the game,including all three expansions at once!

How do "place card in hand" cardswork?

If you catch a Ghost whose "On Catch" text says to place it in your hand, then do so,instead of immediatly putting in the "caught ghost" pile. While this card is in your hand, you can treat it like any other card,including giving it to other players. Later, you can execute the "In Hand" text, after which, you can place the card in the "caught ghosts" pile.

How do you catch "Deadly Shade"?

This ghost is an exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign - and is the only ghost in the entire game that you use the "empty" (aka grey) resource cards to catch.

I just drew a ghost, does it age immediatly?

Nope! Remember, to finish their turn, a player will draw a new Ghost card, and add it to their ghost row. This ghost has not aged yet, and will not age until the "AGE" step of this player's next turn.

Are escaped / caught Ghosts considered "in play"?

Only Ghosts which any player's "ghost" row are considered "in play."

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